Leadership Package


By purchasing the Leadership package you are equipping your …..

  • Initial Consultation
  • One APS Temperament Profile (Single Use)
  • One-on-One 60-Minute Consulting Session per month

What can you expect?

With the purchase of a package, the client can receive confidential, personal counseling that is non-biased and biblically sound. Having access to Godly wisdom and direction can alter the spiritual outcome of your daily walk and the lives of those that you may come in contact with at every level of interaction.

($200 Value)

Why purchase a package?

Each package is geared towards providing Godly direction and insights at the level that is tailored to specific ministry needs. Every package begins with a temperament test. This test provides the foundation for tailored counseling based upon your specific created state.

Depending upon your specific walk or position within the body of Christ, your individual spiritual needs are met in Christ where you are.

* All packages require a two-month minimum commitment. After that, you may cancel at any time. Purchases are non-refundable and sessions must be scheduled within three months of purchase. Read more of our terms and conditions here.