Dr. Anderson’s compassion, simplicity, and consistency combined with his guiding Christian professional ethics opened my spirit …

– Dorothy


Client Testimonials

Spirit-Filled Truth!

When I met Dr. Anderson, my world seemed as though it was imploding upon itself and I did not understand how any of this could be part of God’s plan. Coming to understand my temperament and how Jesus created me to be has been a game-changer. I have found freedom in this understanding and it has assisted me not only in my personal walk with Jesus but in my personal and professional life as well as I interact with other people.

Christina, Florida

True Deliverance!

In a short amount of time, Dr. Stricklin has guided me through true deliverance from the strongholds that have plagued me, and all who have known me, since childhood into my adult life.
Through temperament counseling, cognitive therapy, God’s Word, and a new in-depth understanding of grace, mercy, and truth Dr. Stricklin has given me the tools and wisdom to overcome my past, find true joy in my present and look forward with great expectation to the future God has for me, my marriage and ministry.


Lance, Florida

Christian Professional Ethics!

I’ve been receiving counseling from Dr. Anderson Stricklin to deal head-on with accountable growth and healing from childhood and adult complex trauma that stifled me much of my life.

Dr. Anderson’s compassion, simplicity, and consistency combined with his guiding Christian professional ethics opened my spirit to wholly analyze my strengths and weaknesses in an unconditional mature framework.

Thanks to Dr. Stricklin’s tireless dedication, my family is more connected geographically and desiring God more in their lives.
I’d recommend Dr. Stricklin’s counseling to anyone who seriously desires healing and growth in a phenomenal Christian setting.

Dorothy, Indiana

Brings Breakthrough!

We have known Anderson since 2020 when he became part of our ministry at Liberty. In the time we have known him, he has been a man of integrity, strong character, and effective in counseling for our parishioners. We have seen first hand how the techniques and expertise that Anderson uses help bring breakthroughs in lives! When I heard the name of his ministry, I was blessed because if you spend any time with Anderson, you will see quickly that he has the heart of a father. We are excited about the Father’s Chair and in full sport of what God is doing!

Pastor Ed, Florida

Has the love for God and souls!

Well over 40 years ago, my relationship with Dr. Anderson Stricklin (Andy) began on a church bus headed out to the softball field. Something was struck between us that has grown into a mentor/best friend journey that has changed my life. He often calls me His 40 year miracle. He has the love for God and souls which has been a rocky road for the both of us. Being human wrapped in flesh, there has been for me, more valleys than mountain tops. But Andy was always there for me and my wife of 55 years. He is the glue, with God of course, that held our marriage together. My love for him and his family and our family. You can know with Andy and God you will not be led astray. What I personally love about Him, he doesn’t sugar coat what he gives you from God, what you do with it is your choice.

His main goal is your soul, if you really listen and put into effect his direction, your life will be changed. some (as in my case) longer than others. God deals in seasons, our time has nothing to do with his timing. Put your faith in God and this man of God, you will be changed for the good. Andy, myself, and my loving wife have spent many hours seated on the floor of our home being counseled by him. When you go to him, he will pray and will not turn his back on you. He has never let me down, always been there. Once you know him you will understand, just a few of the things I’ve said. Trust him and may God bless any of you in your journey to our Lord and Savior.

Bob, Louisiana



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