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What is Temperament Therapy?

Temperament therapy is essentially a direct ministry to the soul of an individual where true spiritual identity has been revealed by God in an effort to bring that soul into agreement with the will of God to restore the broken soul.


What is the A.P.s. (Arno Profile System) test?

The A.P.S. test provides information necessary to generate an accurate temperament profile. The profile itself is a revelation of your soul’s identity as ordained by God. (Psalm 139:14-16)


What is the difference between A.P.S. test and personal analysis?



Personality and Behavior vs Temperament?

Personality is a self-made “mask” that we create and show to others so that we “present” well upon inspection. Behavior is the life events that happen to us and become the experience upon which we structure our own behavior. Temperament is the “inborn” traits that God created when he placed our soul in the womb. It is our autonomic responses to life situations.


Are seminars available?

Absolutely. Contact Dr. Anderson about putting together a seminar for your organization.


Can I book Dr. Anderson to speak at my event?

Absolutely. Use the contact page to submit a request to Dr. Anderson about speaking at your event.


How can I support Dr. Anderson?

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